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Wanfuteng Bank

Who we are

Founded in 2018, Wanfuteng Bank is the second Vanuatu owned Bank.

Catherine Le Bourgeois

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Catherine Le Bourgeois holds a Master in Accounting and Finance, and Master in Business Law, and completed various training in General Management, Tax and Finance. Catherine has over 40 years of experience in the banking, legal, financial and software industries in different capacities.

As CEO of the Bank and member of the Board since March 2018, Ms. Le Bourgeois guided Wanfuteng Bank’s complete remodelling, expansion and office relocation to downtown Port Vila.

Wilmaraia Vocor

General Manager

Wilmaraia joined Wanfuteng Bank from Air Vanuatu, where she has been working for the last year as General Manager of Human Resources.

Previously, Wilmaraia built her career at ANZ over a period of fourteen years in Vanuatu, Kiribati, Australia and Fiji, where she covered numerous roles including the Head of Retail, Acting Chief Executive Officer in Vanuatu and Kiribati and concluding her career as the first Ni-Vanuatu Chief Operating Officer.

Peter Dinsmore

Senior Vice President of Finance

Peter has had over 20 years experience in senior executive positions in a variety of local and international banking and financial institutions including Bank of South Pacific, Westpac Banking Corporation, Credit Lyonnais Australia Limited and Hong Kong Bank Australia Limited.

Peter moved to Vanuatu in 2010 and held senior Finance and Treasury positions with Westpac Bank and Bank of South Pacific Limited, prior to his joining Wanfuteng Bank Limited

Mariana Lal

Chief Risk Officer

Mariana moved to Vanuatu in 2007 joining Westpac (now BSP) as the Head of Credit and Compliance. In 2011 she joined ANZ Asia Retail & Pacific division as a Chief Risk Officer for Vanuatu, Timor Leste, Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa and Cooks Islands.

Mariana also occupied various positions with then Lloyd-owned NBNZ and Westpac Banking Corporation in New Zealand, including Legal Counsel for Westpac New Zealand.

Makrao Luen

Chief Customer Services

Makrao moved to Vanuatu in 1998 and joined ANZ Bank (Vanuatu) Ltd in 1999 as a Lending Support Officer.

In January 2007 she was appointed as Small Business Specialist and then moved to Manager Lending Support in 2009. In 2011 she was appointed as Manager Risk and Compliance before moving to manage ANZ’s biggest and busiest branch in Port Vila as the Branch Manager. Before joining Wanfuteng Bank Makrao was appointed as Head of Retail.

Mathew Lui

Chief Technical Officer

Mathew has over 20 years experiences in Fintech, project and IT management, implementation of core banking, digital transformation and building structured IT teams for a number of financial institutions. Prior to joining Wanfuteng Bank, Mathew held a number of Asia Pacific senior positions with Nomura, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank and Goldman Sachs.

Being the CTO, Mathew is responsible of all IT services and projects including a digital transformation portfolio to propel the bank as a leader in the digital banking market.

Manida Lutchmoodoo

Compliance Manager

Prior to joining Wanfuteng Bank, Manida was Senior Accounts Executive at OCRA (Mauritius) Limited for 15 years.

Manida has carried out Senior Management roles encompassing the full spectrum of AML/CTF Regulations, Management and Regulatory Frameworks and has been working closely with the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit and the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.

Lonsdale Takoar

Head of Relationship Banking

Lonsdale joined Wanfuteng Bank in April 2021. He built his career at ANZ Bank Vanuatu over a period of 14 years where he covered various roles in the Commercial Banking Department. In 2007 Lonsdale joined the Small Business team at ANZ. He was then promoted to assistant manager and later on to Relationship Manager. Lonsdale is fluent in Bislama and English.

Jessica Tiningkon

Quality Assurance Manager

Jessica joined Wanfuteng Bank, in July 2021 and holds a degree in Banking & Finance and Public Administration.

Previously employed by ANZ Bank (Vanuatu) Ltd for well over 15 years, she built her career in Business Banking and Credit Risk Management. She has occupied various roles in Corporate and Commercial Banking, as a Corporate Assistant Manager and various managerial roles in Relationship Banking, Research & Analysis and more recently in Recoveries & Asset management.