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Wanfuteng Bank enables UnionPay cards for ATMs

Port Vila, Vanuatu, September 30, 2022. UnionPay cards will now be accepted at Wanfuteng Bank ATMs across the country.

With Vanuatu opening its borders after 2 years, international travellers entering the country can now enjoy the convenience of using UnionPay cards at any of Wanfuteng Bank’s ATMs.

This comes as part of a wider rollout of UnionPay services across the Bank’s offers.

As a global payment network, UnionPay International (UPI) has the world’s largest cardholder base, with the majority its customers in Asia. GM Jiangtao Jian of UnionPay International South Pacific believes the cooperation with Wanfuteng Bank will not only give tourists a peace of mind finding a familiar and trusted brand far from home, it will put Vanuatu on the map amidst an Asian tourism market with enormous potential for growth.

Wanfuteng Bank is one of the only two local banks in Vanuatu and the first to allow UnionPay card holders to access their funds at ATMs.

In addition, customers of Wanfuteng Bank will soon be able to request UnionPay cards as part of their banking services, making it the first bank in Vanuatu to offer locally issued UnionPay Debit Cards.

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