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Take fully advantage of Wanfuteng Bank's Smart ATMs Services.

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Our Smart ATMs, Explained

  • Deposit cash into own account or a third-party Wanfuteng Bank account through our smart ATMs and get instant value for cash deposited
  • An aggregated deposit limit of up to VUV 1,000,000 within any 24-hour period may apply to the cash that can be deposited via an ATM
  • You can make a withdrawal at any of our ATMs – Refer to our location map here
  • For your safety, an aggregated withdrawal limit of VUV 100,000 within any 24-hour period may apply to the cash that can be withdrawn via an ATM
  • You can link your multiple accounts to one Wanfuteng Bank ATM card
Plus, at all of our ATMs you can also
  • Change your PIN and
  • Obtain your account balance

Where you can find our ATMs and Other Information

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Report service difficulties

Call 28 880 during business hours, or 2 8804 outside business hours if:

  • Your card has been retained, or is lost or stolen
  • You wish to report a faulty ATM or other service difficulties